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Antonio (Tone) Byrd was born in Spartanburg S,C. He started writing music at the young age of 11 unaware that it would soon take over his everyday life. It started out as a game, became a hobby, transitioned into therapy, then turned into an complete obsession. Surrounded by negative circumstances on top of living in a dead end city where opportunities are rare, what is one to do when slowly becoming a product of his environment? to put it in a better lighting, listen to his smash hit entitled "Nothing To Lose" where he basically sums up his struggle of finding himself.

Official Video For "Nothing To Lose"

Yung Tone also started a Documentary called "Nothing To Lose" to document his life, career and person growth as an Hip Hop Artist. Check out Episode 1 of Nothing To Lose the Documentary Below.

Yung Tone Song "Nothing to Lose" was also reviewed and Critiqued by Antonio Reid Jr. of Epic Records. Take a look what he had to say about "Nothing to Lose" in the video below.

Yung Tone's Club Banger entitled "Some Other Shit" was also reviewed and Critiqued Antonio Reid Jr. It was also played on his Radio show as he mentioned in the above video. Take a Listen to "Some Other Shit" below

Another Track that opened up Doors for Yung Tone was a very blunt track called "I Don't Care" in it he expresses just how he feels about Fame. Take a List below.

Here what Antonio Reid Jr. Had to say about this amazing Song also in the video below.

But Antonio Reid Jr. is not the only heavy hitter in the game Yung Tone has impressed. he also reached out to T-Pain for some advice on his Flammable Track Entitled: "Ghost" also on his Album Armageddon, take a listen below.

Hear what T-Pain had to say about this record in the video below.

Yung Tone has also work with Ashley Reid (of Epic Records) and was even featured on Doug E. Fresh's website "Poze Productions" along with a few other players in the music industry to try to get some advice on how he can push his craft to the next level. So it's safe to say that the kid has skills.

You gotta prove it to yourself before you can prove it to God
— Yung Tone

His Talent grew fiercely over the years. As he grew from a young delinquent into a respectable young man his music grew with him, so did his ambition. he made it quite clear what music meant to him in his flammable track entitled "The Rap Game Mine"

All songs above are apart of Yung Tone's debut album "Armageddon" a album which opened a lot of doors for him and proved to be a stepping stone to his long awaited success. The smash hit album "Armageddon" is also available on iTunes , Google Play  , Amazon Music , Rapsoday , (click sites to view album)

Yung Tone was also interviewed by "Exposed Vocals" (Click picture below to visit article)

Spartanburg S,C is a city of limited Opportunities, but if we all stuck together and put the beef aside our city would become a threat
— Yung Tone

It was in that thought that Antonio better known as "Tone" decided to do something about it. He created Byrd's Eye Productions not only for himself but for every talented person he'll ever come across.

Now That's Dope!

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*New Video's & Music Updates From Yung Tone*

Black Pride: Shot, Directed & Edited by : Yung Tone

Lift Off; Written, Directed & edited by: Yung tone

Nefertiti: Yung Tone

Stress Reliever: Yung Tone

Super Mario Freestyle: Yung Tone

Feeling Like: Yung Tone

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Dreamless: By Yung Tone


Go Off: Yung Tone

Realest : Yung Tone

For the Real MC's Freestyle: Yung Tone

                                  Yung Tone's "End of Trap Music" Freestyle